Boost Me – Immunity Builder



Available In 1 Size: 200g for $49.90
This powerful mix aids in healing the body and boosting the immune system and helps to fight flu’s and colds at the same time building the immune system strong through winter. Boost Me Immunity Builder has the following ingredients as with all our products these are pure powders straight from the plant. Nothing else added.

Echinacea Benefits
Echinacea is a powerful and beneficial herb used by people around the world to maintain good health. Every part of the plant, from the roots to the flower petals, is bursting with vital nutrients. With a reputation as a natural cold remedy.

Echinacea boosts the immune system and has a powerful impact on the immune system; many clinical trials have confirmed its ability to encourage good health all year long. Other studies show echinacea to be among the most effective supplements for seasonal wellness.

Consuming echinacea promotes the health of protective cells in your body. Many of the compounds in echinacea support immune cells and encourage healthy cell growth

Echinacea may improve oxygen levels in the blood. Echinacea increases erythropoietin production in the bone marrow, this, in turn, promotes red blood cell production and increases the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen. Echinacea is among the best herbs for supporting upper respiratory health. Echinacea is a source of antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, selenium, and zinc.

Oliver leaf Benefits
The olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, and it was a symbol of heavenly power. It is the leaf of the olive tree, called Olea europaea. They leaves contain many potentially bioactive compounds that have antioxidants. Oleuropein, one of the primary compounds in olive lead, has attracted attention since the early 1900s because of its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Studies have found that oleuropein, which is a polyphenol, is a potent antioxidant that lowers blood pressure naturally and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Many studies are proving that the olive leaf is a powerful medicinal tool; olive leaf benefits include cardiovascular and immune system support, an increase in energy and promoting healthy blood pressure. Using it for our immune system is one of the biggest reason why we would take it over winter when you have a cold or flu. It also aids in helping with fevers.

Due to recent scientific studies that prove its health benefits, the olive leaf is becoming increasingly well-known and appreciated outside of olive-growing regions. Today, olive leaf is gaining recognition for its various health benefits.

Vitamin C is powerful as we wll know. You can read about Kalm Me Vitamin C on the website. It is pure, strong and very powerful. It has many benefits.

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. Perhaps the most vital mineral regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. Our body makes Vitamin D when we spend time in the sun, 15 mins a day give us the Vitamin D our body needs.

It also regulates blood pressure, immune function, cell production, and insulin
secretion. Great for the immune system.

Zinc is actually present within all bodily tissue and needed for healthy cell division. It acts like an antioxidant within the body, fighting free-radical damage and slow the aging process. Zinc also has a big impact on hormonal balance. Zinc is very important for the immune system and so much more.

Ginger, also known as Zingiber officinale, is a flowering plant that is closely related to turmeric and cardamom. The health benefits of ginger are well-documented and ginger has been used across the globe as a natural remedy for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties. Ginger contains a diverse array of many important vitamins and minerals. It also contains gingerol, a compound with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that has been linked to many unique health benefits. Ginger helps treat nausea, powerful anti-fungal, yeast infections,
protects against stomach ulcers, eases Menstrual Pains.