Boost Me – Iodine



Available In 1 Size: 50ml for $39.90

Boost Me Shield is based on the 1829 solution invented by Jean Logol. It is a 200 year solution that has worked all this time. It is the best and most powerful Thyroid Shield and Detox. Our Thyroid is under huge attack daily with WIFI and many other wireless apparatus attacking it; it has become a huge problem as many of us use cell phones and have many other electrical items around us which attack the thyroid and leaves it unprotected. Boost Me Shield not only feeds the thyroid but it coats it to protect it. This is very important.

We become tired and burned out when our thyroid is not working well. Not only does this solution help our thyroid but it is also used as a powerful detox for the liver and kidneys. Our liver and kidneys are under huge attack with the food and drink we put into it, and with all the chemicals in the air it is no wonder much of the world suffers from a Thyroid problem, so it is important to do a pure detox like this.

This is important for when a person is undergoing radiation therapy and or around radiation.

Boost Me Iodine is required for optimum health of the whole human body. It is difficult to believe that an essential trace element with astonishing impact on our state of health, had been both neglected and underrated by medical science for a long period of time.

It is the only trace element required for the synthesis and construction of a number of very important hormones. These are involved in embryogenesis, fetal cell differentiation, cognitive development, growth,stimulation and other metabolic processes and maintaining optimum body temperature and thereby our metabolic rate (MBR).

Deficiency of Iodine is manifest in more than 1/3 of the total population of our planet. No other element comes close to this.

This most serious dietary deficiency results in a malfunctioning thyroid gland which creates a visibly enlarged Goiter.

It is near impossible to get this quality Iodine.

Consult your health practitioner if you have any questions.
All Kalm Me products are a dietary supplement.

100% vegetarian and vegan.

We offer this in a 50ml bottle with eye dropper and contains 5 month supply. Prices at $39.90.