Doggie Kalm



Kalm-Me for your dog/puppy is here now. We have put this together to help pet owners who have dogs that are stressed and fearful. Kalm-Me for dogs is 100% natural and has a balance of minerals and vitamins that works on their brain to calm them down and make them feel safe and secure.

Those that have dogs recognize when they are stressed, anxious, scared, uncomfortable, cowering in a corner crying or have their tail between their legs. This is when they need something to help them get through these times.

Sometimes dogs are more overt when they feel anxious and want to remove themselves from a situation. Please don’t force a dog to stay in a situation in which they feel anxious, especially if children are the source of his anxiety. Here are some examples:

⦁ the dog gets up and leaves an uncomfortable situation (they may bite rather than leaving one of these days)
⦁ turning head away
⦁ hiding behind person or object
⦁ barking and retreating
⦁ the dog rolls over on back in submissive way (please don’t hurt me!)
Other Body Language Signs of Anxiety
⦁ tail between legs
⦁ tail low and only the end is wagging
⦁ tail between legs and wagging
⦁ tail down or straight for curly-tailed dog
⦁ ears sideways for erect eared dog
⦁ ears back and very rapid panting
⦁ dog goes into another room away from you and urinates or defecates.

This bottle will last you a while as only a small amount is required when needed. It takes around 20 to 30mins to work but sometimes faster.

If you have any questions you can ask our Naturopath who is on hand.